how it works

How To Start An Investment Plan

  • Step One

    Sign up, then choose your plan and Invest

    The first thing is to create and verify your account. Next, choose your preferred investment plan, that is, between three days, seven days, and six months. Finally, transfer your bitcoin to the bitcoin address you see on the deposit page and confirm your investment deposit amount.

  • Step Two

    Converting Your Bitcoin into Stable coin

    Immediately we receive your bitcoin; we convert it into a stable coin. This conversion will help avoid bitcoin fluctuation.

  • Step Three

    Look for an Entry Point

    At this stage, we use technical analysis and monitor indicator patterns to determine the best time to get in on an opportunity to trade.

  • Step Four

    Diversify Your Investment

    Now, we grow your investment using the scaling technique (SCAT) by investing in our selected portfolio's top 5 profitable cryptocurrencies.

  • Step Five

    Withdraw Your Profit

    We ensure we do not get greedy by placing our target at 1-2% below significant resistance.
    For instance, we set to $8191 and not at $8200. This type of strategy usually works best.

  • Step Six

    Receive your Profit

    Finally, here is where we take out the profit from your investment and send it to your TFI wallet. You can withdraw your funds anytime.